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Online Application - Pet Sitter

(Hampton Roads Area -Virginia)

**This job requires you to travel to locations.

If you are interested in contracting as a pet sitter please complete the form below and submit it electronically. We will respond to you promptly!

First Name
Last Name
Zip Code
Home Phone
Work Phone
Mobile Phone
Please select the type of pet care assignments you would perform:

Please describe your previous pet care experience:

Please describe your personal objectives for contracting as a pet sitter:

Please describe your availability to handle pet care assignments:

Check here if you are over 21 years of age
Do you own a vehicle?    Yes      No
Have you ever received formal training in pet care?    Yes      No

If so, where did you receive your education and what courses did you take?

How would you describe your driving record?
How did you hear about FETCH!?
If you chose other, please specify:

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